Pre-historic Thera Museum

The Museum of Pre-historic Thera hosts findings that had been brought to light during excavations in Akrotiri and in other places of Thera, dating back to the 4th millennium BC until the 17th century AD. The museum has been divided into 4 sections dependant on the kind of the findings. So, the first consists of items belonging to the history of the researches related to Pre-historic Thera, the second one is related to the geological history of Thera, the third is composed of exposures presenting the evolution of the island from the Neolithic era until the Post-cycladic period (early 17th century BC) and to the prosperity era of Akrotiri (17th century BC). Finally, the fourth one is the biggest part of the museum and it includes the architectural style of the island, daily life aspects, wall paintings, pottery and jewellery.

The last part of this section presents the Cosmopolita port of Akrotiri. The findings of that section show up the prosperity of Akrotiri port where commercial relationships had been developed with Crete, the birthplace of the Minoan civilization, and Egypt. The exhibits include vessels from the ancient city Knossos and items from Egypt. There is also a golden chamois which was found in 1999 and consists one of the most important findings of the Pre-historic Aegean Sea area.


Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum Fira Santorini

Archaeological Museum of Fira

The Archaeological Museum of Fira was built in 1960 after the collapse of the old museum due to the earthquake that occurred in 1956. It houses findings that were found in ancient Thera. The sculptures and inscriptions of the museum date back to the archaic and roman era while the pottery and the clay figurines belong to the Hellenistic years.
The museum is located to the north of Fira city centre, close to the cable car station.


Lignos Folklore Museum

Folklore Museum Fira Santorini

Folklore Museum of Fira

Housed in an old traditional winery dating back to 1681 AD, it is one of the most interesting sites of Santorini where one can see a traditional café, workshops (for making carpets, barrels, shoes)  with original tools, a traditional winery,  a cave house and a cave opening which led to the old pumice mine. There are also art pieces created by artists who were inspired by Santorini, manuscripts, lithographs and books from Santorini.


Belloneio Cultural Centre

Belloneio Cultural Centre was founded by Bellonias family, in particular the brothers Evengelos and Loukas, in 19994. It is located in the centre of Fira, next to the post office and the purpose of its foundation is to promote arts and culture. This Centre hosts art exhibitions and cultural events including films, lectures etc, which are mainly held during the spring and summer months. Among the highlights of Belloneio Cultural Centre is a library rich in valuable books.